Steve Tierney


Stevie Tierney is a bass player with a colourful palette of musical styles and an ever-growing list of collaborative efforts under his belt.

He started his musical career in the early 90’s. His ability to play the bass was quickly noticed which led him to perform with a variety of both original and cover acts over the years. Stevie’s sense of groove, sharp ear and strong command of his instrument have landed him onstage with several musicians of note including Donovan and Mark Knopfler, and has led him as far afield as Australia and South Africa. He is a regular player at the Cork Jazz Festival with The Mary Stokes Band, and holds the bass chair in several musical acts all around Europe.

Stevie years playing the guitar has been driven by his musical influences, which range from Jaco Pastorius and James Jamerson to Steely Dan and Led Zeppelin.

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