Sean Furey


Sean has always been playing music, he began taking classical piano lessons at the age of 5, soon after at age 7 he began playing the violin.

He has always been drawn to the dulcet tones of the saxophone and after begging his parents to buy one for several years they eventually folded and bought him his first alto saxophone at age 12. During his teenage years Sean added guitar, bass and drums to his repertoire this time focusing on the more popular blues, rock and soul genres. He began gigging at age 15 on the guitar and has been gigging ever since. Always striving for new sounds and harmonic material Sean went on to study jazz in adulthood.

He has toured extensively throughout Ireland and further afield in Europe. In 2011 he toured nationally with Toto frontman Bobby Kimball playing keys, bass, saxophone and guitar.

Sean also plays tenor sax, soprano sax and flute.

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