Kento Takeyama



Kento Takeyama is a tenor saxophonist born in Japan. Kento is a classically trained musician and the first instrument he mastered was the piano. Kento also plays Melodica, synth, flute, keyboard and percussion but his favourite instrument is the tenor saxophone.

In his early career as a saxophonist, which started, from big band jazz, he jammed and performed be-bop, fusion, disco-funk, rockabilly, classic rock, J-pop and so on. He absorbed the goodness of that music and brushed up his technique.

Determined to expand his knowledge of music, Kento studied in Koyo Conservatory in Japan, before travelling to Europe. He is currently studying at New-park Music Centre.

As a young child, his father had ambitions of Kento becoming a Rock Star and had him listen to artists such as Dire Straits, Stevie Wonder, The Style Council, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Modern Jazz Quartet, Bob Marley, Sting and so on. These artists have heavily influence Kento’s musical path.


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