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 Jo found his voice in his early years but didn’t take music seriously until he was in his early 20’s. He started singing and exploring the meaning behind lyrics, this took his interest in music to another level. “I started listening to music from different countries to broaden my horizons even more, I went from Jazz, Blues, soul, reggae, swing, Rock, Rap, Bossa Nova, and a particular interest for Celtic folk and anything I could get my hands on .” Maybe it is the combination of style that led him to be so versatile as an artist and can effortlessly transit from one vocal style to another. 

Music was not only a job, but also a way to let his mind escape, “I wasn’t interested in anything other than doing music and I loved the possibilities and diversity that music brought to my life” “There was a lot of Jazz and Soul played when I was growing up so I naturally gravitate to that kind of sound; there’s a warmth and unpredictability to it”. Jo left his beloved Island and travelled to Ireland to follow his musical dreams. In 2009 he became a member of an Irish boyband ‘The Boulevard’ who had success with a number 1 single in the Irish download charts. Jo and the band toured Ireland and the UK, supporting major acts, such as Boyzone, Westlife, and JLS , they had their own line up at the Childline concert, in venues like the O2, RDS, the marquee in Cork, the O2 London, Trafalgar Square and many more. Following two successful years with the band,  Jo parted ways with the other members of The Boulevard to pave his own path in the music industry. He got sign to an independent Label in Glasgow Scotland just a few weeks after parting ways with the boys. This was one of the best things that happened in my music career “he said”.  During that time he worked with a number of professional managers, songwriters, producers and very talented musicians.  Jo developed a true passion for studio work through this experience and started thinking about becoming a producer himself.

Jo went on to study and graduated of an honours degree in Music Production at Griffith/Pulse college after his returning to Ireland.  While studying he saw an opportunity to start his own band,  he formed The Dream Band just a few years ago and quickly became one of Ireland’s most popular and in-demand wedding and corporate party bands. Armed with Jo’s sensational vocals and showmanship, some of the country’s most respected musicians and decades of experience, this 6 to 14 piece big band will absolutely blow you away!  Most recently Jo was contacted by  RTÉ to work with the RTÉ Orchestra on several projects, including the RTÉ Christmas Show and the TV show Dancing With The Starts where he performed with the orchestra on National television last February 2020. The same year during the Covid-19 when the country went into locked down and all events and  job got cancelled Jo saw this a an opportunity to starting writing and producing his own materials. Now he is ready for the next chapter of his life and hope to get much needed support for the release of his new single Stressed Out.

Lead vocalist of The Dream Band

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