The usual set at a Wedding is normally 2h with a small break. That is not set in stone, we always go a little bit over. In the eventually that you guys want us to play longer, it is not an issue at all but it will affect the price.
Of course, you guys can have your input on the setlist but we work with the vibe of the night, which means: we check for age range, number of people, who is up for a party and who is just happy to swing on their chairs and try to make all of those people happy. It is a Mammoth of a job as you can imagine but we always make it work for everyone. In many cases when couples pick the list, they might not even hear the songs on the night. 1.Because it's their wedding and they are very busy with the guests or just want the guests to have a good time 2.The songs picked might not suit the vibe of the night. For example; just recently we had some kind of a list prepared upon request, but we didn’t even look at the list because the crowd was too diverse, the on the set list did not match the crowd, so we had to change strategy to keep the dance floor full, and that was exactly what we did. The client could not have been happier.
As requests go we will be happy to learn the first dance and max two more so 3 new songs. The reason being that we have a lot of weddings and corporate events, which means; a lot of requests, which 80% of the songs we learned and rehearsed will never be played again. This is why we want to keep it tight.
I understand your concern, and I can understand the frustration of the couples getting married and found out about a month to their wedding that the line up will be different. A few of those unhappy couples reached out to us in the past as they were very disappointed with the changes made to their entertainment line-up. Be reassured, We have the one band only and I am the only singer of the band.
That is no problem at all we might be 6 musicians but we don’t have an extensive amount of gear as some band would all our equipment are very compact, I am barely on stage myself and we are not big guys. I am 100% positive we can.
Form this point I will send an invoice over to you and the invoice will have all the necessary information to proceed with your booking. A minimum of 10% deposit is required.
We have 2 options: Set up pre-dinner if room has enough space Set up post-dinner and that usually takes about 45-60mins between loading the gear (15-20mins), set up equipment and wiring (25-30mins), lighting (10mins) soundcheck (3-5mins)
We always make that the music is at a nice listening level and not at ear-shredding, where no one even knows what song is being played.
The Dj plays everything he is very good at reading the crowd too.
Yes they do, if you have a list of songs you would like to hear from the DJ on the night please pass it on to me and I’ll make sure he has those songs on the night.
Between the band and the Dj, we cover over 4hrs of entertainment, if you wish to extend those hours, please let me know and I’ll see what can be done. It will also depend on what time you have the room until.