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Jo Petit


Jo’s experience in the music industry has given him an unusually strong command of his voice and a fully formed musical identity. A Mauritian boy who grew up on the West coast of Paradise, Jo found his voice as a teenager but didn’t take music seriously until he was in his early 20’s. He explains, “I started singing in my head and exploring the meaning behind lyrics, this took my interest in music to another level. I started listening to music from different countries to broaden my horizons even more.” Almost immediately, Jo joined a four-piece band and began playing in Hotels on the Island. “I wasn’t interested in anything I was doing other than music, and I loved the possibilities and diversity that music brought to my life” “There was a lot of Jazz and Soul played when I was growing up so I naturally gravitate to that kind of sound; there’s a warmth and unpredictability to it”. In 2006, Jo traveled to Ireland to follow his musical dreams. In 2009 he became a member of boyband ‘The Boulevard’ who had success with a number 1 single in the Irish download charts. Jo and the band toured Ireland and the UK, supporting major acts, such as Boyzone, Westlife, and JLS. Following two successful years with the band, Jo parted ways with the other members of The Boulevard to pave his own path in the music industry. Jo is currently writing and recording his own music with a strong team of music professionals. When he is not in the studio, Jo can be heard singing in venues across Ireland, the UK, Scotland, and Germany. As his name and reputation grow, the pieces are beginning to fall into place for Jo Petit.

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Denis Scully


Denis’ musical journey started at the age of 5 when he went to study piano at the Royal Irish Academy of Music under a full scholorship. He discovered a love for the saxophone aged 13 and was accepted on another scholorship to the Royal Irish Academy of Music to study until he was 18. He moved to the UK to study a BA (Jazz) Hons at the Leeds College of Music. Since graduating he has been playing and touring all over the UK and Europe with the likes of Nubiyan Twist (a band he manages and helped form while studying in Leeds), Le Galaxie, London Afrobeat Orchestra, Jungle by Night, Amy True, Soul Rebels, Tony Allen and Mulatu Atsake to name a few. Performing main stages at festivals and venues such as; The Queen Elizabeth Hall (as part of david Byrne’s Meltdown festival), Glastonbury (UK) Electric Picnic (Ire), Boomtown (UK), Fusion (GER) , Soundwave (CRO) , Electric Brixton (UK) , Istanbul Jazz Festival (TUR), Bahrain Jazz Festival (BAH), to name a few. While Denis performs a lot of neo-soul, hip-hop, afrobeat and reggae his focus of study has always been jazz and improvisation. Denis’ infulences can be found in players like; Chris Potter, Joel Frahm, Seamus Blake, Kenny Garret, Brad Meldhau and Dexter Gordon to name a few.

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Robson Rocha


Robson Rocha’s professional musical journey started at the age of 15 in Santos, hometown to Brazil’s famous footballer, Pele. Robson developed a good reputation in the city as a hard-working, professional and reliable free-lance musician. His services were much sought after by some of the top bands in the region like Star Five, International Betinho, and New Tropical, to name a few. By 1996 Robson had established himself on the music scene from Sao Paulo to Rio De Janeiro. Robson has headlined many shows and played support for the likes of ‘The Mamas & The Papas’ and ‘B.J Thomas’. After the summer of ‘97 Robson landed a position, playing guitar with ‘Feitico’. With the addition of Robson, the group was soon signed to Virgin Records Brazil and toured all over Brazil. With this experience under his belt, Robson took a chance with a new and exciting artist, ‘Johnny Cancilleri’. Bigger changes were to come for this musician, with a move to Dublin, Ireland in 2006. Following his setup of one of the biggest focal points for Brazilian music in the city, he established his own group called the +55 Samba Rock band. The band has endured great success over the past three years. Robson is well known for the ease at which he can switch from one style of music to another. On top of mastering his musical career, Robson has also obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from New Park School of Music.

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Steve Tierney


Stevie Tierney is a bass player with a colorful palette of musical styles and an ever-growing list of collaborative efforts under his belt. He started his musical career in the early 90’s. His ability to play the bass was quickly noticed which led him to perform with a variety of both original and cover acts over the years. Stevie’s sense of groove, sharp ear and strong command of his instrument have landed him onstage with several musicians of note including Donovan and Mark Knopfler and has led him as far afield as Australia and South Africa. He is a regular player at the Cork Jazz Festival with The Mary Stokes Band and holds the bass chair in several musical acts all around Europe. Stevie years playing the guitar has been driven by his musical influences, which range from Jaco Pastorius and James Jamerson to Steely Dan and Led Zeppelin.

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Sean Furey

saxophone, keyboard

Sean has always been playing music, he began taking classical piano lessons at the age of 5, soon after at age 7, he began playing the violin. He has always been drawn to the dulcet tones of the saxophone and after begging his parents to buy one for several years they eventually folded and bought him his first alto saxophone at age 12. During his teenage years, Sean added guitar, bass, and drums to his repertoire this time focusing on the more popular blues, rock, and soul genres. He began gigging at age 15 on the guitar and has been gigging ever since. Always striving for new sounds and harmonic material Sean went on to study jazz in adulthood. He has toured extensively throughout Ireland and further afield in Europe. In 2011 he toured nationally with Toto frontman Bobby Kimball playing keys, bass, saxophone, and guitar. Sean also plays tenor sax, soprano sax, and flute.

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Khalile Vial


Khalile is a Drummer and Percussionist born in Mauritius, with Native Indian and Asian Indian roots. He grew up playing his native tribal instrument the Lakota, the Ravan and the Pow-pow drums, before learning the Djembe, Congas, Tabla and eventually master the Drum kit. Khalile found it hard to keep up with demand for his services. His ability and unique style of playing was something every artist wanted a piece of. Armed with his experience and motivation, Khalile traveled to South America and Asia to learn new styles of music and rhythm. This move paid off with an Award for best Drum style after he traveled to Europe. Khalile became a lecturer and Drum teacher at the Irish Drum academy alongside Dave Hungathy and Paul Countwell. Khalile has an impressive catalog of artists he has played with, such as Sinead O’Connor, The Wailers, Daniel O’Donnell, Graig Walkers, Seven Deadly Skins, Michael English and Lisa Stanley. Khalile stated that the style which he plays comes from his influences, artists he listened to since the beginning of his musical journey, which is: The Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Mahavishnu Orchestra. His influences incorporate South American, Asian and African music.


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